Living well with a long term health condition

The NHS Tailored Health Coaching Service is a new way of working with people living with a long term health condition. In partnership with Impact Initiatives and West Sussex County Council, we will help you to achieve lifestyle changes - putting you in control.  We aim to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence of your own health and social care by agreeing goals that are achievable and sustainable. 

Your local health and wellbeing support services

Health and wellbeing services include your local leisure centre, community and social groups, and much more. The local hubs can also provide support for things like getting your family fitter, doing some regular exercise, dealing with stress, kicking a habit, or simply improving your general wellbeing to ensure you can live better with a long term health condition.


Health Coaches

What is a Health Coach?

Impact Health Coaches work with people like you living with long term health conditions to prevent your health from worsening and to support you to live as well as possible. Together, you and the Health Coach co-produce a ‘Personal To Me’ wellbeing plan. Some of the skills a Health Coach brings includes motivational interviewing and coaching skills tailored to each individual person that they work with. The methods and ways of working will depend on how involved you can be in the self-management of your health, depending on your specific health condition or need.

This service is not designed to replace the normal care you receive from your GP practice or health specialists but reinforce your needs to make changes to help you live with your long term health condition.

Why Health Coaching?

Our objective is to move away from a traditional 'paternalistic' medical approach to allow patients to be in control of their own health care, with the right support.

NHS Health Coaches will work with the patient and health, social care and wellbeing professionals to create co-ordinated (joined-up) care and help people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health conditions.

Health Coaching is all about putting YOU, the patient living with a long term health condition, in control of their own goals, care and lives

NHS Health Coaches can:

  • Provide telephone based help and support in agreeing and achieving personal goals, such as remaining active
  • Empower people to make informed decisions about their health and social care needs and the services they want/need to access
  • Signpost people to local services that will help to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in self-management of their own health.


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Want to find out more?

  • Please contact your GP to discuss a referral to the health coach service