Working differently to #HelpMyNHS in our 5 Communities


While more people than ever are calling on its services, our NHS is facing its biggest financial challenge. And as the different parts of the NHS are working together to find solutions, the NHS needs us, the people it was set up to serve, to do our bit as well.

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Changing the way we provide health and care to our communities

The NHS is changing the way it works to ensure care is built around patients in our communities, rather than assembled around the teams and organisations that provide that care. Communities of Practice is a new way of supporting people with long-term conditions or complex health and social care needs, bringing together the many teams who may work with a single patient.

Our aim is very simple - to put the person at the centre of what we do and to work together with them more proactively to meet their needs. We will agree a plan with each individual we work with so that we can support them to manage their own care, keep them as healthy and well as possible, as well as identifying sources of help.

Communities of Practice aim to #HelpMyNHS by keeping people out of hospital if they can be cared for well at home as well as tackling the workload and workforce challenges in our GP and community care services.