Online consultations - another way to access primary care 

We are looking to create a new service for patients to access their GP practice. We want the service to be created based on the feedback from our patients. We will be engaging with our patients, public and GP practices to gauge the appetite for an online service that allows patients to contact their GP practice digitally as an alternative to the usual methods. This service would allow patients to provide their symptoms digitally to their GP practice who would forward the information to the appropriate healthcare professional (GP, nurse, or alternative healthcare professional) who in turn would respond to the patient directly via an internet platform (email, web chat etc.). It is also possible that the patient may be redirected to another service i.e. pharmacy/ urgent care centre or self-care depending on the individual case.

This service will not replace telephone bookings or face to face appointments with GP’s. It is designed to be another way to access primary care which will potentially be more convenient for digitally engaged patients.

We are attempting to reach as many patients as possible across Sussex and East Surrey to find out their thoughts on how the service should run. We have created an online survey and actively encourage you and your friends, family and local communities to join us in creating a service that is right for you. We will also be available to attend any engagement events between July and August 2018 so please feel free to get in touch via email

Please click here for patient information leaflet.