A visit to your GP is sometimes unavoidable...but do you really need to see them?

Some people visit their GP when they could have cared for themselves at home or received care elsewhere. This makes GP surgeries very busy and means you and other people may have to wait longer when you do need to see a GP.

You can find advice on what you can do to avoid having to see your GP in the leaflet below:

Download an information booklet here.

#HelpMyNHS calls on the public to play their part by adopting small behavioural changes to ease pressures on local health and care services, saving them for those in the most need. It asks people to:

  • ·#HelpMyA&E by highlighting the alternative services to A&E and when these should be used.
  • ·#HelpMyGP by using of GP appointments properly, take steps to help prevent getting ill and self-manage minor illnesses, as well as using alternative services, such as pharmacists.

A dedicated campaign website at www.sussexhelpmy.nhs.uk highlights these alternatives to A&E visits or GP appointments, and is tailored to include listings on services available to the public across Sussex.