NHS CCG Star Awards 2015

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Special guest, Olympic gold medallist Richard Leman, presented the CCGs’ Star Awards 2015 at the Crowne Plaza in Crawley on 11 June to celebrate the achievements of NHS staff, GP practice members, volunteers and partners.

Born in East Grinstead, Richard Leman - former England and Great Britain hockey captain - won Gold at the Seoul Olympic Games.

The CCG Star Awards 2015 formed an important part of the joint Annual General Meeting for NHS Crawley and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex clinical commissioning groups, at which we formally presented our Annual Report and Accounts to an audience of more than 100 public, patients, partners, volunteers, membership and staff. 

You can read the full/summary reports, or view the event presentation, on our Finance page.

Read a summary of the Public Questions and Answers taken on the night

The results of the NHS CCGs' Star Awards 2015:

  • Making a difference (sponsored by Crowne Plaza London-Gatwick Airport) To recognise a contribution and commitment that has made a difference to the work of the CCG.  

WINNER CCG Communications & Engagement Team

The team are proactive and committed, as well as keeping the CCG informed in a professional way, and providing the CCG's vital engagement with patients and public. I am also nominating them for being such a friendly and approachable group.

JOINT RUNNER UP Katherine Regan and Anne Wallingford from the CCG Medicines Management Team (Net Formulary)

We received two nominations for this teams work, in this category. Here are a few words from each:

Katherine and Anne have spent many hours over the past months to create and launch the Medicines Management new netFormulary website -an important source of evidence-based, cost effective, locally agreed information to inform decisions on prescribing. They have worked tirelessly to Identify the limitations of the old format

JOINT RUNNER UP Barry Young and the CCG Finance Team

Finance is such an important area that can often be overlooked. Barry Young and his team (incl. Sam Kennett) do an outstanding job - firstly, in meeting extremely tight reporting deadlines as well as consistently delivering high quality information to the various committees and keeping us on track to deliver the surplus.

  • Living our values This will be a person or team who embodies the CCG’s values in their particular area of work or contribution. Our values are honesty and transparency; focused on patients; innovation; equality; accountability; fairness; affordability. 

WINNER Alison Hempstead, CCG Head of Planning and Governance 

We received three nominations for Alison in this category. Here is a few words from each:

Alison embodies everything that is outstanding about the NHS - not only does she have an incredible depth of knowledge on governance related matters, she thinks about patients in all that she does and truly lives the Nolan principles in her work, ensuring that the CCGs 'do the right thing'. Alison's integrity and hard work are so highly valued and appreciated. Alison conducts her role with diligence. She has steered us through the legislation and policies that dictate governance processes around validation and our on-going work in the CCG's. Her work - largely behind the scenes - makes a huge impact upon patients’ lives and wellbeing Alison has always been an exceptionally hard working individual but alongside this she has very high standards

RUNNER UP CCG Planned Care and Long Term Conditions Team

The Planned Care and Long Term Conditions Team are always patient focussed. The sheer number of projects they've implemented will have far reaching impact on the local communities, with best practice engagement and operational ethos They are unafraid to identify areas for improvement. Their enthusiasm as a team to roll out this work and improve patient experience is evident, being upbeat with a positive culture in their work. They are committed to being a strong team and support each other

  • Above and beyond This award is to recognise those who have made the extra effort over and above their normal duties; with their colleagues, patients or visitors to deliver an ‘outstanding’ service.

JOINT WINNER Diane Pierce, Reception Manager at The Brow Medical Centre, Burgess Hill

I have never met a calmer, more caring, kind, reassuring, diligent professional lady who always puts patient care at the forefront and focus of all that she does. I worked with her when I first joined the Practice to see how Reception operates and watching her work is like a work of art – she truly is one in a million and is absolutely amazing.

JOINT WINNER Gordon Robson, Crawley CPRG (Commissioning Patient Reference Group)

Gordon continually contributes to the CPRG, always ensuring the patient voice is heard and  thinks of Crawley population first. In addition he goes above and beyond by helping to support the engagement team in various projects such as the comments and complaints leaflet, 5 Communities executive summary, and the CCG newsletter.

He is tireless in his efforts to recruit to the Health Network and his PPG and constantly promotes the local NHS. Gordon's contributions are many and varied, but always relevant

RUNNER UP CCG Corporate Admin Team

The corporate administration team consistently go above and beyond in their approach to the organisation of the Governing Body meetings in public. The team are friendly and approachable in greeting our visitors and members of the public. They always go out of their way to make people welcome and to help to get their queries answered. The team work many additional hours in order to get the job done. CCG team members know they can ask for help and get a positive and helpful reply.

  • Working together This award recognises those who have forged strong and effective partnerships that make a difference. 

WINNER Anne-Marie Whent, Proactive Care, Sussex Community NHS Trust

Anne-Marie is a Leader who truly believes in the concept and values of proactive care, and remains as enthusiastic today about the programme as she was right at the start.  At the fore-front of every detail for Anne-Marie, is to ensure that we provide our patients with quality care, that we seek out new initiatives, promote self-management and work hard to keep our patients at home as independently as possible and that we create robust contingency plans to prevent emergency admissions. Anne-Marie’s enthusiasm and drive is infectious and she has earned huge respect from the Team Leads and everyone on the ground.

JOINT RUNNER UP Peter Dodds, Horsham and Mid Sussex CPRG (Commissioning Patient Reference Group)

Peter has worked tirelessly to create a very proactive PPG (patient participation group) at Crawley Down Health Centre, liaising regularly with the GPs and championing patient engagement. He has worked on effective and innovative ways of communicating with his whole practice population. He is keen and proactive in his role in the CPRG, always going the extra mile. He's always keen to share his ideas and innovation across the patch

JOINT RUNNER UP Admiral Nurses commissioning team partnership (NHS Crawley CCG, Dementia UK, NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and West Sussex County Council)

The project has been “in the running” for a long while and the team has continued to drive it forward with determination and enthusiasm despite some setbacks in recruitment etc. The joint partnership working in this team is refreshing and beneficial to every organisation; the individuals take practical steps to make a difference to patients/carers/health professionals and are already showing real results. It's the expertise of every partner and their passion for the work that makes this partnership work

  • Health and Wellbeing champion (sponsored by Jem Trophies) An award to recognise the promotion of living well and healthy  

WINNER Children’s and Young People Pathfinder Project Team 

The Crawley Emotional Health and Wellbeing pilot started in April 2014 providing a service for young people experiencing emotional wellbeing issues. The team has had a significant positive effect on the emotional stability of the young people that they have worked with. and Over the past year the service has received 152 referrals for young people

RUNNER UP Dr Laura Hill (Crawley CCG Clinical Director and GP at Southgate Surgery, Crawley)

Dr Laura Hill is an outstanding and compassionate doctor who has inspired many partners and people in the town to improve the lives of those with dementia. Her desire and drive to create a town where people with dementia will be supported in every way has led to many different organisations working together to ensure Crawley's council, business and support industries deliver a safe, supported network for not just those living with dementia but those who care for someone with dementia.

  • Putting patients at the heart  (sponsored by Treetop Design and Print) To recognise work that directly improves patient’s lives and their access to high quality, safe care 

WINNER Leacroft PPG  (patient participation group, chair Pat Champion)

When Leacroft Surgery was seriously affected by floods and lost its roof following a storm in December 2013, the Leacroft Patient Participation Group did a fantastic job in helping the Surgery to cope.  The Practice described their assistance as being absolutely invaluable. Their actions helped the Practice minimise the effect on other patients and greatly assisted in the continuation of other services.  This is a wonderful example of patients working in partnership with the Practice to benefit patients 

JOINT RUNNER UP Dr A Reader, GP at Lindfield Medical Centre

Dr Reader is an outstanding GP, he gives the impression that you are the only person on his list when he has already seen dozens of other patinets earlier and no doubt given them the same attention. In summary for this nomination, Dr Reader went out of his way, speaking to hospital consultants out of hours and when on leave, to ensure the patient’s treatment progressed in the best way possible 

JOINT RUNNER UP Laura Ireland, Nurse Lead and Diabetes Nurse at Moatfield Surgery

Laura is an excellent nurse leader. She has developed her team of nurses and Health Care Assistants and constantly strives to improve the quality and experience of patient care by the nursing team. She leads the surgery diabetes service and is well known for her excellent care and also runs a DESMOND course for people with diabetes. she is energetic and enthusiastic. She is working with our neighbouring practice to share best practice.