NHS CCG Star Awards 2014

Celebrating the achievements of our staff and members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group Star Awards 2014 celebrated the achievements of our staff and members.

Inspirational Paralympian Jane Blackburn, presented 12 very special awards at the CCGs’ Annual General Meeting last night (25 July 2014)  to celebrate the achievements of staff, members and partners, including our GP practices.

The CCG Star Awards 2014 formed an important part of the first joint Annual General Meeting for NHS Crawley and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex clinical commissioning groups, at which we formally presented our Annual Report and Accounts to an audience of nearly 100 public, patients, partners and staff. You can read the documents in full on our public websites

Paralympic triple gold medallist, Jane  Blackburn, who lives in Crawley, said: "The AGM was interesting and everyone who won awards seemed really pleased, so it was a good evening. It motivates people to be recognised with an award and makes them feel uplifted to be part of the good that’s being done. I enjoyed meeting the doctors that are leading the CCG and learned about different aspects of the NHS."

Award winner Janet Boniface, a local patient rep, said: "I feel a bit overwhelmed to receive the award but it feels good to be recognised. The NHS matters to me, I’ve grown up with it and I think it’s important to get it right – and you do that by speaking to the patients."

The results of the NHS CCGs' Star Awards 2014: 

  • Making a difference award: To recognise a contribution and commitment that has made a difference to the work of the CCG
  1. WINNER  Janet Boniface, Crawley patient representative (CPRG and PPG): Janet is a member of the Crawley Commissioning Patient Reference Group (CPRG). She has worked hard over the last 18 months to form a Patient Participation Group (PPG) for Saxonbrook Medical Group and Northgate Surgery. Innovatively, Janet has also created strong links with an existing support network for mothers and young children in Maidenbower, this group now has over 100 members. Janet’s work is a good example of patients taking the initiative and providing information to enable parents to look after their children’s health in a self-supported environment. 
  1. RUNNER UP  Victoria Daley, CCG Head of Quality and Chief Nurse Vicky has the unenviable task of sifting through huge amounts of unedited data to highlight important Quality and Safety issues or concerns. Very much a champion of patient safety, Vicky’s calm and assured manner belies a shrewd, honest and focused approach to her work. She is widely respected both within the CCG and by provider organisers for her dedication and commitment to improving patient safety. Vicky is a credit to the organisation.
  •  Living our values award: A person or team who embodies the CCG’s values in their particular area of work or contribution 
  1. WINNER Urgent Care Task Force (Mid Sussex) The group actively lives the values of the CCG in an operational and objective driven way. This unique group focus on key issues that importantly cross the whole health economy to create a population-based accountable integrated urgent care system for Mid Sussex. The individuals around the table are committed to working as a team for the ultimate benefit of our patients.
  2. RUNNER UP Dr Simon Dean (Horsham) Simon is a passionate, enthusiastic member of the team and leads with a dedicated and genuine energy. He has a unique understanding of communicating with all parts of the NHS and public. Simon lives the values of the CCG in his work and inspires the CPRG members. He bridges the space between the technicalities of commissioning and the patients understanding and involvement.
  • Above and beyond award: This award is to recognise those who have made the extra effort over and above their normal duties; with their colleagues, patients or visitors to deliver an ‘outstanding’ service 
  1. WINNER Michelle Miles (St Peter and St James Hospice) Michelle is one of those colleagues who always go above and beyond for every patient she cares for. She provides outstanding support to both patients and their families. Michelle has a positive outlook and professional approach to her role, keeping her colleagues and GPs appraised with the care her patients are receiving and their requirements to ensure true continuity of care. She always has the patient’s wishes at the heart of every decision.
  2. RUNNER UP Sam Achagra, CCG administrator Sam is our first point of contact for visitors to the CCG office and provides a professional and warm welcome that all comment on. She has shown an enthusiasm for all areas of the CCG and in particular our Dementia Friendly work. Sam is happy to be involved and will often promote the CCG programmes and Health Network at weekend events she may be visiting with her family.
  •  Working together: This award recognises those who have forged strong and effective partnerships that make a difference.  
  1. WINNER MSK procurement team The MSK project team have worked hard on the largest procurement for the CCGs. Their goal in this huge project has been to provide patients with the care they want, deserve and need in a way that makes the most of each and every health pound spent. The combination of patient voices, clinical voice and expertise and the managerial expertise has made this procurement a success for all.
  2. RUNNER UP Sarah Parsons, Practice Manager, Woodlands and Clerklands Sarah has shown exceptional leadership skills and has a very positive effect on how the practice runs. She shares her extensive knowledge, is a great motivator and a profound communicator. Sarah’s colleagues consider her an asset who gives immense support to all.
  •  Health and Wellbeing champion: An award to recognise the promotion of living well and healthy   
  1. WINNER Malcolm Bray (West Sussex County Council) Malcolm has a long history of working alongside the CCG team and has been a key leader in delivering the local health and wellbeing agenda. He has been instrumental in driving the set-up of Dementia Friendly Towns across the north of West Sussex and was a leading force behind the team winning the national award for Crawley as a Dementia Friendly Town. His huge, personal drive, commitment and enthusiasm sets an example to others, and his gentle professionalism in developing and nurturing working relationships have made a real difference to delivering better services to our local populations, and encouraging people to live healthier lives.
  2. RUNNER UP David Phillips, Horsham patient representative (CPRG and PPG) David is passionate about including patients in the promotion of pro-active care and uses his extensive knowledge and contacts in and around Horsham to provide information. He involves himself in many aspects of the CCG and enjoys writing articles for the CCG and community publications.
  •  Putting patients at the heart: To recognise work that directly improves patient’s lives and their access to high quality, safe care 
  1. WINNER Caroline Cleaver, Healthcare Assistant, Woodlands and Clerklands Caroline is the Lead for Learning Disability at the practice and she sees about 130 patients to carry out their annual learning disability checks. She has a great nature when supporting these patients, showing calmness, empathy and a lot of patience. Caroline offers a valued patient focused service in this area of her work.
  2. RUNNER UP Victoria Daley, CCG Head of Quality and Chief Nurse Vicky has excellent focus on putting patients first and ensuring a high quality of a care and responds quickly to quality issues. She has an honest and transparent working relationship with local providers who hold her in high regard. Vicky is a true ambassador for the CCG.

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