Mental Health Training Programe


We are pleased to announce a programme of learning events for parents and  carers of children and young people in West Sussex, funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group and West Sussex County Council. The programme offers a varied selection of workshops, and courses to enable you and your family to develop your understanding of the conditions and issues experienced by your children. 

New dates will be added throughout the year, so keep your eyes open for updates. 

OUR TRAINING PARTNERS: Training will be carried out by Coastal West Sussex Mind and our training partners Sussex Partnership Community Trust and YMCA Downslink Group. 

AM I ELIGIBLE TO BOOK ONTO A COURSE? These funded courses are available free to parents and carers of children and young people in West Sussex. 

HOW TO BOOK: Courses are free, but must be booked through our Eventbrite page here: 

As we are anticipating a high demand for these courses, please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your place. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO CONTACT US: Please contact the Coastal West Sussex Mind training team on: 01903 277010 or 


THE ADOLESCENT BRAIN YMCA Downslink Group - 21.08.18 in Chichester / 25.09.18 in Horsham / 02.10.18 in Horsham / 13.11.18 in Littlehampton - An interactive workshop which offers participants a chance to learn more about how recent developments in neuroscience have completely shifted what we know about teenage brain development and how we view teenagers. There will be an opportunity to discuss how changes in the brain during adolescence affect adolescent behaviour such as risk taking, sleep, use of technology, differences between boys and girls.  

TALKING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH Coastal West Sussex Mind - 08.09.18 in Littlehampton / 29.09.18 in Horsham / 20.10.18 (am & pm) in Crawley - In this course, we will explore the difficulties around talking with young people about mental health and emotional wellbeing. The session will include practical strategies and approaches we can use when talking with young people about mental health.  

HELPING YOUNG PEOPLE COPE WITH LIFE Coastal West Sussex Mind - 20.09.18 in Billingshurst / 01.11.18 in Littlehampton / 22.01.19 in Chichester / 21.02.19 in Billingshurst - This course has been designed for parents and carers, to help build an understanding of the challenges 12-18 year olds commonly face. We will discuss what support,  advice and coping strategies can be used to help young people cope with those challenges and ever-increasing pressure they are under to protect them against the risk of developing mental health issues in later life. The aim is to equip parents and carers with knowledge and skills that can be used to help guide young people through what can be tough and challenging times. 

COPING WITH EXAM STRESS YMCA Downslink Group - 25.09.18 in Chichester - In this course we will explore what stress is, why and how we stress ourselves, how stress affects our brains and bodies, our feelings and behaviour, with the intention of giving participants a better understanding of the subject and be better placed to support young people. We will look at the Stress/Relax – promoting a healthy loop. We will also explore how you can help support young people experiencing stress and with academic pressure, whilst increasing your awareness of stress management techniques and other self-care resources. 

ANXIETY, LOW MOOD AND RESILIENCE IN YOUNG PEOPLE YMCA Downslink Group - 09.10.18 in Worthing - This course looks at how anxiety and low mood presents itself. We will consider trigger factors, neurology and brain development in young people. We will explore the difference between normalising anxiety and low mood and disabling anxiety and low mood, which effects day to day functioning. We will also explore strategies’ for helping children to bounce back from adverse situations, and support services available for signposting. 

TICS AND TOURETTES Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust - 05.10.18 in Southwick - Course description coming soon 

COPING WITH TRANSITIONS YMCA Downslink Group - 29.01.18 in Shoreham / 05.02.19 in Worthing - Course description coming soon 

LIVING WITH SELF HARM YMCA Downslink Group - Details will be added to Eventbrite when scheduled.