Horsham district older peoples insight into Hospital admissions – report 

An insightful and helpful report regarding patient and carer experience for hospital admission and discharge has been published. The Hospital Insight Report was compiled following Horsham District partner organisations - including Healthwatch West Sussex, community and voluntary sector and local authority partners – working together to capture evidence and insight into the experiences of our older residents getting to and from hospital. This work is taken from an insight workshop in July which was attended by Dr David Mackenzie, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG clinical director and local GP.

The Hospital Insight Report includes:

  •  Top Tips for local people and service providers; how to make hospital experience easier
  • The reasons for the review; older residents experience of getting to and from hospitals
  •  Hospital admissions
  • Local experience of Hospital admissions  and Discharge
  •  Parking information for Hospitals


For more information or to invite a member of the partnership to come and talk to your team about the project, contact Judith Packer on 0330222 5613 or Judith.packer@westsussex.gov.uk